Morvern Community Development Company

Lochaline Harbour, Lochaline, Morvern, PA80 5XT

CMAL Lochaline Stakeholder Engagement/Public Meeting

Questions raised during consultation 26/01/16 – Please send all feedback direct to Cmal

  1. The existing access to the pier – will this be amended to allow for a ramp?
  2. The solid structure will prevent the flow through the ‘inner harbour’ area, will siltation and sedimentation become an issue?
  3. The potential installation of Marina style bollard and extra berthing may compete with the existing marina, will this be an issue with the community ran pontoon
  4. The addition of a supply for the charging of the hybrid vessel will require a significant draw from the power grid, will this affect the local supply from the grid? There are current issues with the supply with numerous outrageous and power cut experienced.
  5. Will the steel structure corrode?
  6. Can the proposed building be re-sited to remove the obstruction from the front of the social club?
  7. The secondary access to the existing parking area is utilised, especially when dropping off users of the ferry service, can this be maintained or an alternative provided?
  8. With a potential new building, would CMAL consider the potential of including an office for lease, with the potential for businesses like a fish farm.
  9. The current signage for the ferry marshalling can cause confusion, is this something CMAL can address?
  10. Due to the nature and sensitivity of the ferry service to the weather, people can get stranded, the community does offer accommodation and emergency accommodation, can this be displayed in the proposed building or the signage?
  11. Will CMAL send out final masterplan?


Lochaline Replacement Aligning Structure