Morvern Community Development Company

Lochaline Harbour, Lochaline, Morvern, PA80 5XT

Community Zoom

The community has purchased a licence for Zoom. If you are using Zoom for a meeting of just two people or if you are having a group meeting of less than 45 minutes you can use the free Zoom software. Just go to  and register for an account. If you want to hold a group meeting that is going to be more than an hour you can use the Morvern Community Zoom.


Booking the Community Zoom

To book a meeting, please email Please include

  1. The name of the group or meeting
  2. The time
  3. The date
  4. The length of the session

Volunteers will check this email address each day after 3pm. They will check the existing schedule to see if your slot is free. If someone else has already booked that slot they will let you know. If the slot is free, they will email you with an invitation.

The invitation includes

  1. A link to the meeting. Clicking on this link will Zoom web app and take you to the meeting.
  2. A meeting ID and a password. You should not generally need this but sometimes, if people try and join the meeting from the Zoom web page, they will be asked for this.
  3. A set of phone numbers. These are for people joining the meeting by phone because they don’t have the internet. Be aware that these are standard phone numbers. They are not either freephone or premium rate numbers

Simply forward this invitation onto your group members and they will all be able to join at the appropriate time.