Morvern Community Development Company

Lochaline Harbour, Lochaline, Morvern, PA80 5XT


January 2021

We are pleased to welcome you to Morvern ‘at a safe distance’ whilst you are working in the area during this period of lockdown. Over the last few months the Morvern community has worked hard to keep everyone safe and you will understand our small remote and rural community is very nervous of visitors at this time. With over a third of our population aged 65 & over (which is double the Scottish average of population over pensionable age), or vulnerable to infection, we are especially aware of the risks to the community that visitors may bring. We hope everyone will play their part to protect one another and mitigate the risk of spreading the COVID 19 virus as visitors come to the area.

You will notice around the village there are sanitiser stations – please do use these and continue to follow strict hand hygiene wherever you are.

In particular if you are using the local shop, post office and petrol pumps we would ask you to adhere to the following local guidance

We ask contractors and those working in the area to:

• Self-declare you are free from COVID-19 symptoms 24 hours before arrival and have not been asked to self-isolate.

• Follow Government COVID-19 Guidelines on Health and Safety. Provide personal protective equipment for yourself/ all staff and ensure that all staff are suitably trained to follow the guidelines.

• Use the sanitiser by the petrol pump and on entering the shop

• Lochaline Stores is pleased to provide supplies but please check how you might purchase items in the safest way, for example opening an account, phoning orders ahead, minimising numbers of people using the shop and Post Office. The shop staff are available to advise 01967 421220

• Pay using contactless or arrange for pre-payment.

• Wash your hands frequently with soap and carry and maintain regular use of sanitiser.

• Observe cough etiquette, social distancing and mask wearing rules.

We are really grateful for your adherence to this local guidance to keep Morvern residents safe!