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KILLUNDINE ESTATE – potential buy-out

There is a possibility that the Killundine Estate will be put on the market in the near future.

With this in mind, Morvern Community Woodlands (MCW) are in the process of registering the Community Right to Buy on the Estate. For more information on MCW please follow their website and Facebook page

MCW’s aims and objectives for CRtB on Killundine and full details can be found in Morvern Community Woodlands Community Right to Buy Aims & Objectives for Killundine

A community consultation meeting took place on 29th June in Lochaline Village Hall and the summary of the event can be found here.

A registration for Community Right to Buy allows the community:

  • to consider all the information about the land that is potentially coming up for sale;
  • to hold community consultations;
  • to engage qualified external help to conduct a feasibility study and to put together a business plan;
  • 8 months to make its mind up about what community ownership of the land would involve, take a decision as to whether to try and purchase, hold an independent ballot of the community, and raise money for that purchase.

The registration application does not mean:

  • that the community has already decided to try to buy the land – this would not happen until an independently-run ballot has been conducted in the community (with a majority of votes cast in favour of purchase) and Scottish Ministers have given consent for the purchase;
  • that the community cannot also engage in discussion with other groups or individuals with an interest in purchasing the estate.


Additional guidance and information on the Community Right to Buy can be found in CRTB_infoleaflet .

There may be other private parties who are interested in purchasing the Estate.

A proposal for an outright purchase of the Estate was presented by existing land owners in Drimnin, driven by Richard and Charlotte Cole, Huw and Annabel Thomas, David and Barbara Campbell, Derek and Louise Lewis. The full details of their proposal can be found in Drimnin 4 Proposal and Business Plan

Clarifications of both of the above were made at the Morvern Community Council meeting on 4th June and can be found Killundine – clarification of DC & MCW proposals