Morvern Community Development Company

Lochaline Harbour, Lochaline, Morvern, PA80 5XT

Morvern Community Helpline

Do You Need Some Help?

Morvern Community Support – a COVID-19 Coronavirus community response.

We want you to know we are here to help.

The Morvern Community Helpline is 01967 750838 

Lines open 9am to 1pm

If you are self-isolating and need support with:
  • Urgent supplies (e.g. prescriptions) 
  • Posting mail
  • A friendly chat on the phone
  • Fetching fuel in for your fire
  • Picking up shopping (Remember Lochaline Stores 01967 421220 will deliver groceries to your doorstep) also check out what Lochaline Stores offers.

please call our Community Helpline, we will organise help & someone will contact you, or email us at
We will need your Name, Address (if deliveries required), your phone number and your email (if you want to be contacted via email instead of phone.)

Emotional support

If you need emotional support, or just feel like a chat, you can also call:
The Ewen’s Room Helpline (Freephone): 0800 689 3317
Mon to Fri: 5pm to 10pm Sat & Sun: 12 noon to 10pm

Important Phone Numbers:

If you are feeling unwell please do not call the community helpline. 

If you have symptoms of the Corona virus, however mild, (dry cough, temperature) follow government advice (current advice is to self-isolate for 7-14 days depending upon your circumstances).  People aged 70 or over, or those at high risk should now be self-isolating.

It is likely that advice will change rapidly, information sources are:

The local GP service at the Morvern Medical Centre is on 01967 421252 or contact

NHS24 by dialling 111 if you become very ill. In an emergency Dial 999

Volunteer to help

If you can help see how you can sign up to help the local community.