Morvern Community Development Company

Lochaline Harbour, Lochaline, Morvern, PA80 5XT


Updated April 2021


We are delighted to welcome you back to Morvern and hope you have a wonderful holiday in this very special place. Our West Highland Peninsulas love to welcome visitors, but at this time we must continue to do so ‘at a safe distance’. Over the last year the Morvern community has worked hard to keep everyone safe and you will understand our small remote and rural communities remain slightly nervous of visitors this year. With over a third of our population aged 65 & over (which is double the Scottish average of population over pensionable age), or vulnerable to infection, we are especially aware of the risks to the community that visitors may bring. We hope everyone will play their part to protect one another and mitigate the risk of spreading the COVID 19 virus as visitors come to the area.

You will notice around the villages, petrol pump, playground and shop there are sanitiser stations – please do use these and continue to follow strict hand hygiene wherever you are. We encourage you to take your own sanitiser on walks, for example, when opening farm gates or bothy doors in more remote areas. Our local providers of accommodation are following the COVID cleaning standards published by the Association of Scotland’s Self Caterers.  We also ask you to contact your host before arrival to finalise arrangements for your visit.

We ask visitors to:

  • Self-declare you are free from COVID-19 symptoms 24 hours before arrival and have not been asked to self-isolate, (or cancel).
  • Respect the changes that the tourism business has had to put in place in order to protect both you, their staff, themselves and the local community.
  • If you are self-catering and need to buy supplies please check with our local shops and crofts. Some of our shops are offering a delivery service to avoid too many people being in the shop at once.
  • Check the notices on the doors and windows of our shops/visitor attractions/ cafes/restaurants – they may have a limit on the number of people they allow in. If they are busy, please go back to them later. Alternatively, give them a call.
  • Book your table in advance or consider ordering take-aways rather than sitting in.
  • Pay using contactless or arrange for pre-payment.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and carry and maintain regular use of sanitiser.
  • Observe cough etiquette, social distancing and mask wearing rules.
  • Spend time outside enjoying the scenery, always taking litter away with you.
  • Advise the tourism business immediately if anyone in your party shows symptoms of COVID-19 (high temperature, a new, continuous cough or a change or your sense of smell or taste) during or 14 days post your visit. We suggest if you are feeling ill during your holiday going home is the most likely best option for prompt testing.  Please check the Scottish Government advice about returning home and self-isolating.

 We ask our tourism businesses to:

  • Follow Government COVID-19 Guidelines on Health and Safety for Staff and Visitors.
  • Follow the Association of Scotland’s Self Caterers COVID cleaning protocols
  • Undertake a COVID-19 risk assessment for their workplace and appropriate cleaning protocols. Display or provide a copy as required.
  • Implement these cleaning protocols and operating procedure amendments according to their risk assessment.
  • Provide personal protective equipment for all staff and ensure that all their staff are suitably trained to follow the guidelines.
  • Limit the numbers in each outlet, observe social distancing, hand washing/sanitising and mask wearing rules.
  • Advise visitors should there be a COVID-19 outbreak within the establishment during your stay, or a member of their staff demonstrates symptoms up to 14 days after your contact with them.

Where the business is an accommodation provider, to contact pre booked guests prior to arrival to check that they have not been advised to isolate, have not been in contact with someone with COVID-19 symptoms and are not displaying sympt