Apply for funding

The Morvern Community Trust was established in 2009 to provide for Community Benefit in the area of Morvern Community Council. The Trust Deed specifies the purposes of the benefit which may be summarised in four main areas:

Community Benefit and Enterprise
Education and Formation
Health and Welfare
Culture, Sport and Recreation

Applications from voluntary groups, local businesses or not-for-profit organisations must be accompanied by their most recent annual financial statement and a copy of their constitution or equivalent UNLESS this has been submitted with a previous application. Applications for Capital projects must be accompanied by at least two estimates for the proposal.  

The Trustees meet quarterly to consider applications; closing dates for applications are

31st January, 30th April, 31st July and 31st October

Student Bursary applications deadline is 31st October

Applications for immediate support made between these dates may well be delayed.

If the application is granted, normally funding will be set aside and paid out on receipt of headed and receipted invoices when the project is complete. An evaluation report at the end of the project will be required

If you wish to proceed with an application, please consider the detailed information contained in the Further Guidance to Applicants page. A letter of application may be considered as an indication of the full application procedure, as above, being followed.

Application forms may be obtained from this website or from the Clerk either by post or e-mail.

Contact: The Clerk, The Morvern Community Trust, c/o Morvern Medical Centre, Lochaline, PA80 5XT e-mail