Cafe L.A.

After several years of providing us with delicious bakes and lunches Annemie has stepped down from running Café L.A. Our thanks go to her and her whole team for all of the hard work they put in over the years and for making the café such a success with visitors and locals alike. 

Following Annemie’s departure, Morvern Community Trading Company (MCTC) have been looking for a new tenant to take on the running of the café in the Hub. To date, no-one has applied to take over the tenancy which is why it remains closed. MCDC and MCTC are therefore actively coming up with solutions for re-opening the café as soon as possible. We are grateful for the suggestions from members of the community about how this could be achieved and are currently reviewing those and will communicate further updates in due course. MCTC has also recently purchased the café equipment so the café is ready to go as soon as the right person is found to run it. 

If you are interested in taking on the tenancy or have a suggestion about how the café could operate, please contact

Thank you all for your patience whilst we organise a solution. 


Submitted by mcdc-editor on Thu, 05/16/2024 - 16:07