A day in the life of the MCDC Admin Assistant

Hi! My name’s Isla and for a year now I’ve been the administrative assistant for MCDC. 

I work part time, 16 hours a week, and help Lilia, Adeline and Heath respond to the needs of different parts of the company as and when things come up. A typical day for me involves processing the paperwork for various parts of the company for example monitoring fuel sales, processing harbour income and statistics and managing bookings for the Hub meeting room. More recently, I have started working more on developing MCDC’s social media accounts following on from the launch of the newsletter last year. Both MCDC and Lochaline Harbour can now be found on Instagram and Facebook and you can follow us for updates and news in between our quarterly newsletters. 

Some other projects I’ve been involved with in the last year have been helping with the funding application to the Crown Estates which we’ve recently learned was successful, enabling us to move forward with the Phase 2 Housing project through the hiring of a new Housing Project Officer. I’ve also helped with the creation of the new morvern.org website. Part of my on-going work is to keep this updated, publishing Barr reports, MCDC news and local interest stories. My admin@morvern.org email address is your first point of contact if you need to get in touch with anything to do with MCDC so if you have any queries or questions please don’t hesitate to email me and either myself or one of the rest of the team will be able to help.

When I’m not working for MCDC I’m working as a freelance writer. I’ve recently worked with Mull theatre developing an audio drama and for the last year have been working on a Masters in TV Fiction Writing at Glasgow Caledonian University. James and I have also loved writing and directing the last two Lochaline Primary Pantos! We, and Elsie, love living with you all in Morvern and we’re really looking forward to spending more time with everyone as soon as I hand in my last uni deadline! Looking forward to more wild swimming, walking, playing in the playpark and finally getting our house finished! 



Submitted by mcdc-editor on Thu, 05/16/2024 - 16:28