Local Place Plan

What is a Local Place Plan?

A Local Place Plan (LPP) is a land-use plan for the future of Morvern. It will take the vision and initiatives laid out in the 2022 Community Action Plan. It will be designed by everyone in our community and completed by September 2024.

The plan is important - it will establish a spatial vision for our area for the next decade. The plan will have proposals for land use, buildings and development and feed into the Council’s next Local Development Plan (LDP). It is a new way for communities to influence development in their area through the spatial planning system. 

Who is writing the Plan?

Morvern Community Council, Morvern Trust, Morvern Community Development Company, Morvern Games and Gala Week, CAOLAS and Morvern Community Woodlands have formed a steering group to develop the plan. They will ask everyone in the community to give their views and ideas.

The steering group have help from Planning Aid Scotland (PAS), who supported us to develop the 2022 Action plan.

PAS are neutral and bring experience from elsewhere. You can see PAS work on their website.

What will be in the Plan?

Any development or regulation regarding the use of land and buildings that you think will improve Morvern as a place to live, work and visit. We need you to tell us what. Over the next few months, we’ll be asking local folk for their ideas about how to make our area even better. And we’ll be working with you to develop it into a Plan to make it happen.

Local Place Plan 2024

  • The final Plan might include:
  • How you want Morvern to be in 10 years’ time.
  • Continuing existing activities, starting new ones, or developing local facilities.
  • What we need for businesses to thrive in Morvern.
  • Suggested projects to help Morvern become more sustainable.
  • Proposals to shape the planning policies that affect development and land use. 

How can I have my say?

From July 2024 onwards, the team will engage with people of all ages across the community.   
Posters and social media will explain how you can be involved.  

Please start thinking about ideas you’d like to share with us. If you’d like to chat with us directly you can get in touch using our contact details below. 

Why should I get involved?

This is a chance to shape the future of Morvern for ourselves, our friends and family. This is an opportunity to lay out as a community how we want the spatial planning system to support the future development of Morvern.  

Will my idea be in the Plan?

It will be a collaborative effort! There will be many different ideas and we will look to identify together those that will have significant impact and be beneficial.

We’d like to get input from as many people as possible. We’ll encourage discussion by organising public events over the summer that everyone can join.

This input will help shape an initial draft plan, which is being developed from the starting point of the 2022 Community Action Plan.

The LLM LPP Steering Group are: Henriette Laidlaw (MCC); Douglas Taylor (MCC); Sarah Jones (MCDC); Peter Lawson; Annabel Lawrence (CAOLAS), Sam Firth (MCW); Megan Whyte (MGGW).

Any questions? We’d love to hear from you! 

Contact PAS here:
paul@pas.org.uk; (07970) 735 035

You can read more about Local Place Plans in the Planning Aid Scotland guide to LPPs