MCDC is recruiting a Café Manager

Community Café Manager Job Description 


The café is of huge importance socially, culturally and financially to the local community for the well-being of those who live here, supporting local businesses and bringing people together. 

For these reasons Morvern Community Development Company are keen to keep it open.



In light of the above and in recognition that the café is of social value first and foremost MCDC are proposing to contract MCTC to manage the community hub café and employ a café manager so that the community hub café can open again as soon as possible and remain open throughout the winter. 

MCTC is looking to employ a Community Café Manager whose responsibilities will include but are not limited to the below: 

  • General management of the café 
  • Overseeing and meeting budgets 
  • Reporting on spend 
  • Keeping accurate financial records
  • Create menus and vary on a regular basis  
  • Staff recruitment and management 
  • Ordering food, drink and ingredients 
  • Ensuring the café runs smoothly 
  • Keeping the café solvent
  • Ambition to keep the café open all year round 
  • Promote local crafts and local makers 



To be open a minimum of 5 days a week in mid-season and summer months (April-October) and 4 days a week off -season (November-March).

The café manager would be expected as minimum to break-even making sure the takings cover the weekly float with the aim to make a profit during the summer months that could be invested back into the café and the hub to make it more efficient and amenable. 

Evening meals could also be explored subject to demand and additional hours created for this. 


What is in it for you? 

Fixed hours of 20 hours p/w at £15 p/h plus the opportunity for the same hours again during summer months (possibly more subject to review), however this is flexible.

Flexibility on how the café is delivered, managed and staffed. 

15% Profit share


To Apply: 

The café manager will be expected to draw up a business plan as part of the recruitment process. This should outline how the café will be delivered. 

We expect all staff to be paid a living wage and the café to be run as sustainably as possible, promoting local heritage, language and culture where possible.

To apply (with your business plan) or if you have any questions please email Lilia on


Deadline for application: 

21st June 2024 

To start as soon as possible. 

Submitted by mcdc-editor on Fri, 06/07/2024 - 13:18