MCDC - Who Are We?

MCDC was set up in 1999, following encouragement by the Morvern Community Council.

The Community Company is a Charity (SC043681) and a Company Limited by Guarantee (SC200325) and is managed by a Board of Directors two of which must be Morvern Community Councillors.

The Company aims to benefit the community of Morvern, Argyll, Scotland, with the Purposes listed below, to be exercised following the principles of sustainable development:

  • To manage community land and associated assets for the benefit of the Community and the public in general.
  • To provide, or assist in providing, recreational facilities, and/or organising recreational activities, which will be available to members of the Community and public at large with the object of improving the conditions of life of the Community.
  • To advance community development, including urban or rural regeneration within the Community.
  • To advance the education of the Community about its environment, culture, heritage and/or history.
  • To advance environmental protection or improvement including preservation, sustainable development and conservation of the natural environment, the maintenance, improvement or provision of environmental amenities for the Community and/or the preservation of buildings or sites of architectural, historic or other importance to the Community

All MCDC, MCTC and MorVolts board members are required to adhere to Directors’ Code of Conduct and fill in Register of Interests on annual basis. If you would like to be considered to join the board of MCDC or MCTC, please have a read of Directors Roles and Responsibilities leaflet and Rules for Appointment of Directors.

MCDC directors and office bearers are:

Angus Robertson - Chair

Keith Laidlaw - Treasurer 

Jane Stuart – Smith 

Sam Firth - Vice Chair 

Sue Layton 

Bob Jones 

Lilia Dobrokhodova – Co Secretary 

Clara Montgomery - Director (MCC representation) 
Henriette Laidlaw – Director (MCC representation) 


MCTC directors are:

Dave Mealand - Chair

Emily Rosier - Treasurer

Lesley Jones

Bob Jones

Jane Stuart–Smith

Sue Layton

Lilia Dobrokhodova – Co Secretary


MorVolts directors are:

Nick Tordoff - Chair
Angus Robertson - Treasurer
Bob Jones
Lilia Dobrokhodova – Co Secretary

If you need to get in touch with any of MCDC/MCTC Directors, please email or


MCDC 2024 Meeting Dates

9th April 
7th May - a public meeting held in Lochaline Village Hall. All welcome. 
4th June
9th July
6th August - a public meeting held in Lochaline Village Hall. All welcome. 
3rd September
1st October
5th November - public AGM held in Lochaline Village Hall. All welcome.
3rd December