Morvern Community Business Hub

The Hub opened in mid-July 2021 with its first tenant taking a lease of the Hub café.  CAFE LA is run by Annemie and her team.  It serves delicious hot and cold drinks and a range of wonderful cakes and scones all made by Annemie. You can also have a light lunch there.  Look them up on and pop round Wednesday – Sunday 10am – 4pm.

The Hub is a great place to meet up and or hold a meeting as we have excellent WIFI and there is potential for flexible working spaces and use of the large room for online conferences etc.

MCDC is moving its office it shares with the Harbour Masters from the Harbour building to one of the smaller rooms upstairs and will pay rent to the company.

Despite some early interest in long term office lets at the Hub the other spaces remain vacant.  We hope to lease the offices on more a permanent basis and encourage local business and visitors who need excellent facilities for meetings, conferences and hot desking.

Current charges which include free wifi are:

Community groups – £8 per hour in the big room with wifi

Hot desks –

£5 and hour

£15 a day local rate non-exclusive use of room

£20 a day visitor rate non-exclusive use of room

Exclusive use of big room for hot desking – cost on application

All day big room –

£100 local groups

£250 non local organisations

Get in touch on or 01967 421301 if you are interested in renting a permanent space, a space for a meeting requiring WIFI or a hot desk. Also see EoI above.