Morvern Community Trust

The Morvern Community Trust was established in 2009 to provide for Community Benefit in the area of Morvern Community Council. The Trust Deed specifies the purposes of the benefit which may be summarised in four main areas:

  • Community Benefit and Enterprise
  • Education and Formation
  • Health and Welfare
  • Culture, Sport and Recreation

The detailed list is appended in the further guidance.

Applications are welcomed from individuals, voluntary groups and local businesses or not-for-profit organisations who may be seeking financial support for capital or limited projects. However 100% grants are not normally supported as some contribution to the cost of the project is expected.

Applications from voluntary groups, local businesses or not-for-profit organisations must be accompanied by their most recent annual financial statement and a copy of their constitution or equivalent UNLESS this has been submitted with a previous application. 

Applications for Capital projects must be accompanied by at least two estimates for the proposal