Oil Club

In the past, Morvern Community Development Company set up an oil club following community desire for one. However, it has not been running for some years. The purpose of the oil club was to be able to buy oil in bulk and aim to reduce the cost to the end user. Following recent interest in a Morvern oil club, MCDC is looking into whether there is sufficient interest locally to consider setting up an oil club again. MCDC does not have the resources to dedicate to running the club once it is set up so would also be looking for anyone in the community who was willing to volunteer to take on the day to day management of the club. Could anyone who would be interested in participating in an oil club or in volunteering to manage an oil club please get in touch with us via admin@morvern.org


Submitted by mcdc-editor on Fri, 02/16/2024 - 17:35