What are we doing?

2021 has been quite a year so far for MCDC and that is not counting the impact of the COVID pandemic on our community.  We have completed 3 major projects that provide really tangible benefits for the Morvern community. All three projects were delivered on time and on budget by the board of volunteer directors and our Project Officer.  Many years of planning and consultation finally came to fruition and despite COVID19 adding many challenges to construction. Please read about the projects under Current Projects – Barr Hydro, Housing and Community Business Hub.

MCDC would like to thank all our funders and volunteers for all the help an support with these projects:

Highlands and Islands Enterprise

Rural Housing Fund

Morvern Community Trust

SSE Sustainable Development Fund


Regeneration Capital Grant Fund

Triodos Bank


Local Energy Scotland

The Energy Investment Fund

The Hub opened in mid-July 2021 with its first tenant taking a lease of the Hub café.  CAFE LA is run by Annemie and her team.

Morvern Community Business Hub

After more than five years in the planning and construction two directors of MCDC and our energy subsidiary MorVolts watched anxiously as 16 experts inspected and commissioned our Barr Hydro Scheme

BARR Hydro

In 1998 the old fuel tanks above the High Street in Lochaline were condem

Lochaline Filling Station

Tenants moved into all three houses in early July.  West Property Ltd, based in Oban, is contracted to manage the houses in accordance with MCDC’s allocation criteria.

Affordable and Sheltered Housing